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Do us a favor, moteros urbanos. Go to this shop to trade in your loud, polluting gas-powered scooter for an electric one. And don’t get all macho: electric motos (depending on the model) go as far and as fast as you need. The average urban motero travels 15-20 km/day, and even the inexpensive E-Max (2.400 Euro) can do 60 km on one charge (at up to 70 km/hour). Over an average battery life of around 850 charges, that’s 51.000 km. The average gas moto costs about 7 Euro/100 km, while an electric one costs 1 Euro/100 km. So, if we conservatively work with a savings of 5€/100 km over the course of that battery’s life, you will save at least 2,550 Euro. That’s more than the price of the moto! And, considering the subvenciones on offer for acquiring an electric vehicle (a 25% rebate until 30.11) and that the Ministerio de Indústria, responsible for the 240 electric moto parking stalls around the city, is keeping plug usage free until the end of 2012 at least, now’s the time. Oh, did we mention they’re quiet?

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