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You switched to a bio supermarket chain and felt damn good about it. But after a few happy shopping trips, ecstasy gave way to fear as more and more of your savings slipped from your wallet into your wheatgrass. Well, if Mercadona married a huerto urbano, BeOrganic would be their love child. And if our “corner” shops can call themselves supermarkets, then this is one as well. Behind the Mercat de Santa Caterina, massive wooden doors adorned with pothos plants (growing in tetra-briks) open into a small shop with a simple philosophy: “Intentamos ser lo más barato posible.” For 2.5 years shelves have been stocked with local, bio, eco and fair trade everything. A wide variety of fruit and veg is brought down from El Maresme twice a week. Real fresh milk from a Catalan farmer with 11 cows goes fast. Baluard bread is on offer, and the list goes on: organic cosmetics, cleaning products, veggie burgers, bio wine, beer, pasta, yogurt, muesli, butter, and, and, and …

Calle Flor de Lliri, 4 //