Millor Que Nou

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An old something doesn’t work. You have no idea what to do. Then you read this. You take said thing to Millor Que Nou to take advantage of the serveis d’autoreparació. Walk into their office and fill out the very short release form. Then, weigh your apparatus (The service, free and open to all, is funded by Barcelona Pel Medi Ambient and the Agència de Residus de Catalunya who ask that the total kilos of potential rubbish made reusable by the reparation service be documented.) Depending on your cosita and their schedule, you proceed back into one of three areas where an expert in bricolaje/DIY, textiles, IT and electronics, or carpentry will guide you through the fix-it process. The final step? Leave with a now-functional something and the know-how for future problem-solving while doing your part to break free of our wasteful throw-away culture. People that repair once tend to come back, sometimes with 10 different apparatuses. Up to 60 people take advantage every day.

Calle Sepúlveda, 27 //

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